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As women of color navigate the impact of the dismantling of affirmative action, it’s crucial to find avenues for professional growth and advancement. That’s where Career Doctor Consulting, LLC comes in – a minority-owned Executive Career & Coaching service that has been a trusted partner to Chief, Women In Sports & Events (WISE), the Mom Project, the Chicago Foundation for Women, and hundreds of executive leaders at Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.

Harmony Hive offers a transformative 8-month group coaching journey specifically designed for a diverse group of 8 African American leaders hailing from 8 different states (Hives are designed specifically for each audience of Executives, and C-suite professionals). Bi-annually we offer a secondary HIVE for Mid-level career professionals via our 501c3 grant division (2024, 2026, 2028 etc). This carefully curated experience goes beyond traditional coaching by incorporating engaging encounters with distinguished Toastmasters, best-selling authors, and wellness gurus.

Throughout this unique journey, participants engage in enriching conversations that span a spectrum of topics, delving into leadership strategies, navigating career transitions, exploring entrepreneurship, and discussing the intricate balance between life, love, and overall well-being. The aim is not just professional development but a holistic growth experience that touches on various facets of life.

The diversity of the group brings a wealth of perspectives, creating a dynamic and supportive environment for shared insights and collective growth. The intention is to foster a sense of community and solidarity among the participants, providing a unique space for them to connect, learn, and uplift each other.

As the 8-month journey progresses, participants find themselves immersed in a carefully crafted program that builds not only leadership skills but also resilience, adaptability, and a profound understanding of their personal and professional potential. The coaching sessions serve as a guiding force, helping participants navigate challenges, leverage opportunities, and develop a robust foundation for future success.

The culmination of this extraordinary experience takes place in the serene setting of St. Simon Island. Here, against the backdrop of scenic beauty, participants reflect on their journey, celebrate achievements, and form lasting bonds with their fellow leaders. It’s a culmination that marks not just the end of a coaching program but the beginning of a lifelong connection with a supportive network of like-minded individuals.
Harmony Hive stands as a testament to the power of intentional coaching, fostering growth, connection, and empowerment for African American leaders across diverse fields and backgrounds. The journey doesn’t just end with newfound knowledge; it paves the way for a future characterized by resilience, excellence, and a harmonious balance in both personal and professional spheres.

Jan 2024 Inaugural Hive Members

How we do it

Coaching is my love language, wherever there is a need, is where you will find me

Our HIVES provide a safe space for authentic conversations, aligned by each member’s behavioral assessment, career and life goals, and level of experience. By meeting in clusters of eight women monthly for hour and a half sessions run for eight months. Unique to our programming, members have the opportunity to work on group strategies that address the unique challenges they face as marginalized women along with two 1:1 private coaching sessions with an ICF coach at no additional cost, ensuring that each member receives the personalized attention they need to achieve their goals.

As a trusted partner to major organizations and hundreds of executive leaders, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our coaching clusters. We’re dedicated to fortifying the marginalized audience of women from across the country and seek real outcomes for real women. Our coaching circles help women of color magnify their presence, performance, communication strategy, and mental health, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.


So, if you’re a woman of color seeking to enhance your career and life strategy, look no further than Career Doctor Consulting, LLC. Our coaching clusters are led by thought leaders where coaching is their love language, providing a unique and valuable opportunity to grow and succeed.


  • At Career Doctor Consulting, LLC, we’re not just a club – we’re a community of impactful coaching. Our supportive network of women of color is dedicated to enhancing your work-life balance, leadership strategy, public speaking, and overall life strategy.
  • Our coaching clusters are not just a long-term investment, but a lifetime benefit. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and succeed in your career.
  • Unlike other coaching programs, there are no membership costs for corporations at Career Doctor Consulting, LLC. Instead, our coaching clusters are an investment in yourself and your future.  In fact, we honor only 35 clusters per year to maintain the intimacy and integrity of the coaching experience.
  • Our motto is outcomes and impact. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve real results in your career and life.
  • Our coaching clusters offer convenience through virtual venues, while our quarterly national meetups provide the brilliant bonding and community that we all seek. It’s a real she squad!

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