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Group Coaching

In a recent executive leadership survey, the average rating for Jacqueleen’s group coaching sessions is around 4.7 out of 5, indicating a high level of satisfaction. The top-rated discussion topics include “The Art of the Introduction” “Storytelling”, “Imposter Syndrome”, and “Professional Branding.” Additionally, an overwhelming majority expressed a likelihood to highly recommend her group coaching experience to others. The feedback consistently emphasizes the valuable insights gained and the sense of community fostered during the program.

Transformative Female Leadership

Under the guidance of Career Doctor Jacqueleen, a transformative force in female leadership coaching, 65 female executives/c-suite in 2023 which have experienced significant career advancements and personal growth. Jacqueleen’s tailored solutions focused coaching approach has not only empowered these women to navigate challenges but has also instilled a lasting impact, shaping a new era of confident and successful female leaders in various industries ie Sports, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Healthcare, and DEI.

Job Search 2013-2023

In the transformative crucible of executive coaching and professional branding by the Career Doctor, out of 700 ambitious professionals seeking outplacement, career pivots, or elevations, an astounding 95% have not just secured but flourished in new careers within 1-4 months. This success transcends racial boundaries, with 60 minority executives finding their stride alongside their peers of non-minority backgrounds. The Career Doctor’s impact is not just in numbers but in the diverse tapestry of empowered careers reshaping the professional landscape.

Emerging Talent

Jacqueleen’s transformative leadership has sculpted an inspiring narrative—a 13-year saga where she coached, mentored, and led an organization of 1300+ African American young women and men. In this remarkable journey, she achieved a quantifiable triumph, guiding 80% female participants, ensuring 100% college acceptance, with a resounding 95% attendance and an impressive 85% graduation rate. Jacqueleen’s legacy echoes in the corridors of post-graduate education (including Ivy League, big ten, and top-ranking institutions) and flourishing professional careers—a testament to her unwavering commitment and extraordinary impact.

Leadership Transformation

In a mid-size organization aiming to facilitate leadership transformation among its people leaders, there is a need to enhance and address gaps in Leadership Presence, Courageous Conversations, and Growth Mindset through a seven-month training program.
Conducted a case study involving 237 organizational leaders to evaluate the impact of small group instructor-led training, which included Career Doctor instructor facilitating, group breakouts and real-world scenario-based role-play sessions and post-session activities.
Noteworthy survey results revealed a robust average rating of 4.23/5 for Leadership Presence, Courageous Conversations, and Growth Mindset training effectiveness. The majority of participants expressed strong confidence in applying the model, showcasing a transformative impact on daily leadership routines at Career Doctor, LLC. To fit her access outcomes the organization implemented ongoing reinforcement activities, establish mentorship programs for continued support, and periodically will conduct follow-up assessments to track sustained improvements among organizational leaders.

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Our HIVES provide a safe space for authentic conversations, aligned by each member’s behavioral assessment, career and life goals, and level of experience. By meeting in clusters of eight women monthly for hour and a half sessions run for eight months. Unique to our programming, members have the opportunity to work on group strategies that address the unique challenges they face as marginalized women along with two 1:1 private coaching sessions with an ICF coach at no additional cost, ensuring that each member receives the personalized attention they need to achieve their goals.

As a trusted partner to major organizations and hundreds of executive leaders, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our coaching clusters. We’re dedicated to fortifying the marginalized audience of women from across the country and seek real outcomes for real women. Our coaching circles help women of color magnify their presence, performance, communication strategy, and mental health, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.


So, if you’re a woman of color seeking to enhance your career and life strategy, look no further than Career Doctor Consulting, LLC. Our coaching clusters are led by thought leaders where coaching is their love language, providing a unique and valuable opportunity to grow and succeed.


  • At Career Doctor Consulting, LLC, we’re not just a club – we’re a community of impactful coaching. Our supportive network of women of color is dedicated to enhancing your work-life balance, leadership strategy, public speaking, and overall life strategy.
  • Our coaching clusters are not just a long-term investment, but a lifetime benefit. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and succeed in your career.
  • Unlike other coaching programs, there are no membership costs for corporations at Career Doctor Consulting, LLC. Instead, our coaching clusters are an investment in yourself and your future.  In fact, we honor only 35 clusters per year to maintain the intimacy and integrity of the coaching experience.
  • Our motto is outcomes and impact. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve real results in your career and life.
  • Our coaching clusters offer convenience through virtual venues, while our quarterly national meetups provide the brilliant bonding and community that we all seek. It’s a real she squad!